How to Effectively Declutter When You Have Kids

When you have young kids it often seems like there are toys everywhere. In a never ending war against clutter it seems it is only ever toys that could possibly win.


Over the last two years as a family we have made real efforts to reduce the number of toys that are cluttering things up. Some days it seems that we are winning the battle, yet on other days it feels like the battle is on the verge of been lost for good. I just want to share some of the things that we have found useful In our attempts to reduce clutter.


Arguably, if such a thing exists the ideal number of toys will alter from one family to another. By using the following tips that ideal number of toys should shrink to below what is presently held.


  1. Start by convincing yourself that less is actually better than more. As with any other project to reduce things down to a low minimum number it must begin with the notion that fewer things are better than keeping extra items that are not really required.


If you agree with that idea then you are on the way to reducing the toys in your home. This list is designed to help consider why fewer toys will benefit your kids.


  1. Fewer toys is not the same as no toys at all. Toys can be educational and therefore assist children in their development. To make myself clear I am not arguing for no toys, just for fewer ones.


  1. Examine why you buy toys. After all most children do not buy their own toys. Did you buy toys for yourself or for your children?


If the answer is that you are buying toys for yourself, or that your children did not want them then changing your buying habits.


  1. Replace aiming for quantity and instead aim towards increasing the quality of the toys that your children have. It is better to have fewer toys of higher quality than more toys of lower quality. You children will benefit from having toys that are better made and are more fun to play with. Besides too many toys can detract children form their most important toys.


  1. Frequently purge the toys in your house. Start by going through their toys as soon as you possibly can. Sort through the toys your children no longer play with and no longer want. Sell or donate the toys that are in a good condition. If toys are too dirty or broken simply throw these in the trash can.


  1. Put all the toys in a confined space or area. Make your children aware that there will only be limited space to keep their toys in. Should they want more toys for their birthday or during a holiday they will have to get rid of other toys to make enough room for the new arrivals.


  1. Restrict the number of new toys by setting a budget. By setting a budget children have the choice of buying more cheaper toys or buying fewer higher value items.

Reducing the number of toys is not always an easy process, yet you must stick with the task once you have started it.